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What is Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching utilizes Motivational Interviewing processes and techniques combined with Life Coaching skills.  The experience may be similar to life coaching with the focus on your health.

You will discover through exploration that one area of your life may be key in turning around current health behaviors. I will be your partner in this exploration and assist YOU in discovering practical, life enhancing solutions to health challenges.

One such example is discovering that taking a regular walk break during work hours helps to reduce work stress and eating from the vending machine.

The basic assumption of Integrative Health Coaching is that YOU hold the key to making these desired changes.  YOU will be in the “driver’s seat” as you work with a Health Coach.

Backed by the research and training of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine, this type of health coaching is effective because

  1. it respects the individual’s vision for optimal health-What do YOU want?
  2. it is patient and challenging
  3. it is practical
  4. it helps you plan for and overcome obstacles
  5. it is an ethical approach-your Integrative Health Coaches adhere to the same code of ethics as the International Coaching Federation.
  6. It can reawaken your dreams for your life

What to look for in a Coach- When considering a health coach, it is important that you ask for credentials, training and experience. In choosing Kathleen Moore, LCSW, CIHC as your coach you can be assured that you will receive the quality and care that you deserve.