Lighthearted Living Coaching and Retreats
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About Your Coach

Kathleen MooreHi again! My name is Kathleen Moore, LCSW, Certified Integrative Health Coach and I have  worked in a variety of health care settings for over thirty years.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trained at Duke University Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach. Throughout my clinical practice, I have been fascinated with issues of survivorship and resilience. Questioning how some individuals do bounce back when faced with tragedy and trauma has allowed me to glean the rich resources of the human spirit-”All the answers are right there, right within us.”

Discovering the joys of a River Retreat

While in my clinical practice, I specialized in survivorship issues- including traumatic loss, addiction recovery as well as health challenges such as a cancer diagnosis.  I learned first hand  the personal and practical need to care for my own health.

To balance the intensity of this type of counseling, I began teaching classes 5 years ago on a variety of health topics.  A surprising discovery awaited me at these classes.


At the Finish Line with my sister, Erin

The same factors that allows someone to weather the great obstacles in life can be employed with our day to day health challenges.  How to enlist the individual to believe in his or her own abilities?   Integrative Health Coaching does provide this answer for many people seeking a change.

I know first hand what it means to manage multiple responsibilities, raise a family, and yes, believe that there is time to take care of my health.  My approach is respectful, lighthearted and practical-this has to work for you and your lifestyle.

Starting the hike up Croagh Patrick, County Mayo Ireland

Lighthearted Living Coaching and Retreats is reflective of who I am and what I value.  True Lighthearted Living comes from weathering the expected challenges, dark moments and discouragement.  Most telling about Light Hearted Living though is that it cultivates hope, builds resilience, and honors flourishing and full bodied laughter.

Note to Health and Mental Health Professionals:  Integrative Health Coaches are trained to partner with not replace you.  I do not “counsel” your clients and am ethically bound to “coach”.   Many of your clients have serious health concerns for whom you might enlist the addition of a partner.  I welcome your inquiry about my services to address any questions or concerns.  I am happy to provide a “sample session” for you at no charge.