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Kathleen Moore, LCSW, IHC

Kathleen Moore, LCSW, CHC

I am delighted that you have arrived to explore the fullness of your life’s possibilities.

Are you in the midst of a life transition or health challenge?

Need a way to regroup and move forward?

Frustrated at attempts to change health behaviors?

It’s time to consider an Integrative Health Coach! And one who will champion you to reach your full potential.  Full?  Body. Mind. Spirit.  Sing it!  Full potential.

An “Integrative” or Whole Approach incorporates the richness of what you envision for your life with practical solutions that you choose to achieve your goals.

Have you found yourself thinking….

Stress in my life only seems to building!

I can’t seem to get motivated to exercise, it’s just not fun.

Healthy Eating? With the hours I work?

Lately, I’ve been asking “isn’t there more to this thing called life”?

I just don’t have time to play with my kids……explore a new career……get out and meet people

If so, Integrative Health Coaching may be right for you.  Since you’ve come this far, why not find out more…

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